Beautiful, full and youthful-looking lips are a wonderful benefit of permanent lip color.

There are many splendid advantages and reasons to treat yourself to permanent lip color, including never having to worry about your lipstick leaving stains on the side of a cup while you’re enjoying your coffee, or disappearing while you’re having a meal with friends. Many happy clients have talked about how often they took a bite out of a sandwich and discovered lipstick on the bread, and realized they wound up eating their lipstick, but with permanent lip color, this is no longer a concern.

You can quickly and easily obtain the lips you have dreamed of having now and for many years to come, by enhancing your appearance with permanent lip color. This simple procedure will leave you with beautiful and natural-looking lips.

Other Benefits of Permanent Lip Color:

  • Add missing bow above your lip
  • Add shape to your mouth
  • Eliminate lipstick “bleeding” into fine lines around your mouth
  • Give your lips a fuller look if they appear too thin
  • Smooth vermillion edges by tattooing shape and defining borders
  • Eliminate worry about needing to touch- up lipstick

As we age, our facial features begin to lose color. When this begins to happen with our lips, the color starts to fade, the vermillion edges appear to lose definition, and we start looking pale without lipstick. Permanent lip color instantly alleviates this sign of aging by providing you with fuller looking, and beautifully colored lips that look very natural giving you a more youthful appearance.

When you choose permanent lip color, you need to consider how cool your lips are, and the lighter your natural lip color, the more options you have available. Choosing the wrong color, or a color too dark is a common mistake and extremely difficult to repair. Choosing the right color takes a skilled and experienced makeup artist. In addition, if your lips are naturally too dark, you can lighten them, or warm them up to enhance your features.